Why Venice Day Spa is the BEST!

At Venice Day Spa we pride ourselves in providing a truly beautiful guest experience! We are so proud to share with you our beautiful brand new spa! We recently relocated and expanded to offer you a truly gorgeous and modern place to enjoy all of your favorite spa services. From the moment you walk into our doors to the time you walk out we want you to feel pampered, comfortable, and important!

Hair Stylist

Level 4 Stylist, Owner

Level 4 Stylist, Chief Director Of Operations

Level 4 Stylist

Level 4 Stylist

Level 3 Stylist

Level 3 Stylist

Level 2 Stylist

Level 1 Stylist

Nail Specialist

Level 3 Nail Specialist

Level 3 Nail Specialist

Level 3 Nail Specialist

Skin Care Specialist & Massage Specialist

Level 1 Skin Care Specialist

Level 3 Skin Care & Massage Specialist

Level 2 Massage Specialist

Level 1 Massage Specialist

Support Team

Lead Guest Service Expert

Guest Service Expert

Content Marketer