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The original day spa in VENICE

We hire nice people with HEART, that genuinely want to make people feel better, are passionate about their careers and love serving others, because this is OUR home too. Venice is at the heart of everything we do, because it’s this community that gives us the opportunity to change people’s lives. Whether it’s pain we can alleviate through massage, acne or fine lines that we can soothe with facials or a new hair style for your big day, it’s the people of Venice that allows us to give them an experience that leaves them wowed.


We have carefully hand selected each of our product lines based on being top quality. Whether that quality comes from being natural, color preservation & integrity, or pain relief you can always count on reliable ingredients. We invite you to check out all of our amazing products to enhance your look and how you feel. You can also shop from anywhere on our online store.

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