Zoom Meeting Hair Styles

With the every growing amount of Zoom Call events it can be hard to think of hairstyles you can actually show off well on camera. So we here at Venice Day Spa helped make the process of picking your next iconic zoom look for the next time you're in need!

With Zoom calls, conferences, work days and school days on the rise, it's understandable that most woman are getting bored of wearing the same hairstyle from home everyday. below you'll find easy hairstyles for all types of hair. We make sure to cover short, long and styles for ethnic textured hair.

  • Short Space Buns.png
  • Short Pin It Back.png
  • Short Half Up Half Down.png
  • Short Dutch Braid.png

Short Hair

  • Long Twisted Pony.png
  • VDS Zoom Meeting hairstyles.png
  • Long Simple Top Knot.png
  • Long Braided Headband.png

Long Hair

  • Ethnic Secured Headband.png
  • Ethnic Classy Low Pony.png
  • Ethnic Space Buns.png
  • Ethnic Pony tail.png

Ethnic Textured Hair