All of our massages are customizable. When your massage specialist takes you back to relax & unwind simply relay any concerns or issues you may be experiencing. We will be happy to customize your experience to the needs of your body.

SEASONAL MASSAGE! CITRUS SUNSHINE MASSAGE Only $17 to upgrade! Includes a citrus body oil massage with added hot stones on the back. Indulge in citrus bliss! Our hot stone massage with a touch of citrus is the ultimate escape for mind, body, and soul

Neck & Back Massage (30 Min) $70.00 & Up

Signature Massage (60 Min) $95.00 & Up

Deluxe Massage (90 Min) $135.00 &Up

Ultimate Massage (120 Min) $169.00 & Up

Hot Stone Massage (60 Min) $132.00 & Up -Hot stones used in addition to hands to warm and manipulate the muscles

Hot Stone Massage (90 Min) $166 & Up - Hot stones used in addition to hands to warm and manipulate the muscles

Honey & Me Couples Massage (60 Min) $234.00 &Up - (90 Min) $310.00 & Up - Hands and feet are painted in an organic honey and sunflower butter blend, then cocooned for deeply nourishing hydration. Complimentary champagne included if you choose.

CBD Warming Massage (60 Min) $122.00 & Up - (90 Min) $160.00 &Up - Great for muscle & joint pain as well as inflammation inside the body

Thai Massage (60 Min) $117.00 & Up - (90 Min) $151.00 & Up - Thai massage is not a traditional massage. This treatment includes techniques that combines deep tissue pressure, muscle and joint stretching, and gentle manipulations of the body.

Signature Massage & Body Polish $150.00 & Up - 60 minute massage & sugar scrub on arms, legs, and back.


Massage Enhancements

Sundae Best Chocolate Decolette $15.00 - Skin softening chocolate mask

Hairs To You $20 - Warm agave nectar treatment with a 10 Min scalp massage

Rock A Back Treatment $20 - Enjoy the benefits of stone massage on the back

Hand & Foot Treat with Steaming Wrap $20.00

Honey Glaze & Cream Foot $20.00 - Foot Scrub, Honey Heel Glaze & steaming foot wrap

Marshmallow Melt (10 Min) $20.00 - Hydrating body balm massaged into hands, feet, or neck and shoulders

Back In Action $15.00- Seasonal Back scrub

Sweet Sugar Lips $10.00 - Sugar lip exfoliation and hydrating lip balm